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San Francisco-Marin Lawyer Referral and Information Service

Do You Need an Elder Abuse Lawyer?

We can help!

Do you know an elderly person who has experienced a physical injury or even death because of neglect at a nursing home? Do you suspect that your loved one is being mistreated by a caregiver? Do you know a vulnerable senior citizen who is being financially exploited by family or friends?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help you find a qualified elder abuse attorney.

What it Costs:

If the case involves a physical injury, we will set up a FREE 1/2 hour consultation with a qualified lawyer. For most other cases, there is a nominal $35 fee, which pays for the consultation.

How it Works:

When you call, trained staff will conduct a brief interview with you to gather relevant legal information. Our referral network includes only insured attorneys whose background and experience have been vetted by The Bar Association of San Francisco. Our attorneys can handle most types of elder abuse issues, including:

Call us Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m PST at (415) 989-1616.

How your privacy is protected.

There are many lawyer referral services available online. You should know that the Lawyer Referral & Information Service is certified by the State Bar of California and approved by the American Bar Association and meets the high standards set by each.  As the largest and oldest public service program of The Bar Association of San Francisco, we’ve been referring individuals like you since 1946.  Read about some of the advantages of using LRIS, or any certified lawyer referral service, over an online directory of attorneys or attorney websites.

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