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San Francisco-Marin Lawyer Referral and Information Service

Need a Military Assistance lawyer?

The Military Assistance Program (MAP) of the SF-Marin Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS)

MAP assists active and reserve military personnel and their families, as well as veterans, with low-cost legal services in a wide variety of civil law practice areas, including:

Call (415) 989-1616 and let us know you are military or have previously served.

¿Necesita un abogado?

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There are many lawyer referral services available online. You should know that the Lawyer Referral & Information Service is certified by the State Bar of California and approved by the American Bar Association and meets the high standards set by each. As the largest and oldest public service program of The Bar Association of San Francisco, we’ve been referring individuals like you for over 60 years. Read about some of the advantages of using LRIS, or any certified lawyer referral service, over an online directory of attorneys or attorney websites.

State Bar of California Certification #0002